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Nethed are a leading Search Engine Optimisation agency. Nethed have consistently helped small and medium  businesses increase their online visibility by improving the ranking of their website in the search engine results pages.

Building a website is only the first step. maintaining a good SEO making on search engines like Google is paramount to establishing a solid business online. Nethed can help you achieve these goals.

The three things fundamental to SEO.

How Your Website Is Built

The way your website is built can either improve your SEO or hinder it. You need a web developer that is aware of the fundamentals of SEO or you could be stuck with a website that has absolutely no chance of ranking at all.  Your website should be built with clean code and contain text that is readable to search engines.

Your Website Content

Good content is vital to SEO. Your content should be relevant, changing, and engaging. Search engines love websites that are regularly updated with high value content. This is the fuel that feeds the engine and if you feed a search engine well it will reward you by serving up your website to more people.

Links From Other Websites

The other fundamental part of SEO is backlinks, or links from other websites. Search engines class a link from one website to another website as a vote for that website. And the more votes a website has the more important it becomes. Googles algorithm is built on backlinks and its trademarked PageRank system is all about how it counts and orders the backlinks of websites to determine where they should be ranked.

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