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Enclosed below are a selection of some of your recent book covers that we have created for our clients.

inexpensive Createspace book cover designer

Time to let go - marketing image designNeed a book Cover designer?

Amazon Createspace is a fantastic tool allowing a generation of indie authors to publish their own creative material and to reach a growing audience through the Amazon ecosysstem.

The amazon engine, Createspace allows budding authors to create and sell ebooks and print books instead of waiting for agents and publishers to green light them into a life of writing. Self publishing gives control back to the creative allowing them to publish their books, music and film projects under their own terms and allowing them to control every part of the publishing process. For some people this is a revolution, for others a worry.

Where we come in.

Nethed has been gaining experience in helping authors with both their createspace book cover designs and in marketing of the their book projects. We have created a number of book cover designs now that receive praise from both the authors and the readers alike. We will work with you on creating a book cover design that fits your market and also the subject of your createspace book. Then if you need, we can also design social marketing and other graphics to help you market, sell and promote your new book.

We offer competitive and inexpensive book cover and marketing graphics solutions for any project large or small.

Why not click through our portfolio to reviews some of our latest design projects that include book covers for create space authors. Then feel free to contact Daz Smith to discuss your project and your needs and to get an estimate for you project.

Time to let go - marketing image design

Amazon Createspace – book cover designer

The amazing creative and distribution tool from Amazon, its Createspace engine provides creative people with a mechanism to publish their work and to get it to market. This mainly involve books and books need great cover designs to stand out.

This is where I come in, I can create an inexpensive book cover and marketing graphics for you Amazon Createspace project. Take a look at my portfolio to see the growing list of book cover project for Createspace that I have been involved in. As well as this I offer an inexpensive package giving you all the marketing and promotional graphics you need for you blog, twitter, facebook, website and much more.

We all know that a book cover can significantly help with sales of your book – so  dont worry and get all the help you need with this part of the process allowing you to do what you do best. Contact me if you would like a quote for either a book cover, book cover design, or a book cover design and marketing graphics for your Amazon Createsapce project and I will be happy to help out.

Click here to see a few examples:

essensuals bath website

Essensuals Bath – upgraded new website

Essensuals Bath is a Bath base hair salon specialising in hair cutting, hair styling and hair colouring. Nethed designed their first website nearly a decade ago. Essensuals Bath tasked Nethed with creating a new and upgraded website from the first one we created nearly a decade before. We met this challenge using WordPress and a custom theme, with booking system social tools and great animated content.

The new website has given Essensuals Bath a refreshed new look and can now be seen on computers, tablets and mobile devices as the design  responds to the device being viewed upon. Nethed also provided photography for this project.

Click here to visit the new website:

nethed logo - website design in Bath

Welcome to the new Nethed website – Bath based web designers

Welcome to our newly designed website. Nethed have been web designing in Bath now since 1997. During these years we have helped many local companies with their graphic design, logo, print, leaflet, brochure, website, email, SEO and marketing needs.

Nethed are a small team of dedicated and internet addicted media nutcases. We immerse ourselves in the mad world of internet and social media so that you dont have to.

So if you are int he need of  website hosting, domain names, graphic design, website design, SEO, Social marketing emails or much much more in or near the city of Btth then give us a call (07766655631) or send us an email.