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Amazon Createspace – book cover designer

The amazing creative and distribution tool from Amazon, its Createspace engine provides creative people with a mechanism to publish their work and to get it to market. This mainly involve books and books need great cover designs to stand out.

This is where I come in, I can create an inexpensive book cover and marketing graphics for you Amazon Createspace project. Take a look at my portfolio to see the growing list of book cover project for Createspace that I have been involved in. As well as this I offer an inexpensive package giving you all the marketing and promotional graphics you need for you blog, twitter, facebook, website and much more.

We all know that a book cover can significantly help with sales of your book Рso  dont worry and get all the help you need with this part of the process allowing you to do what you do best. Contact me if you would like a quote for either a book cover, book cover design, or a book cover design and marketing graphics for your Amazon Createsapce project and I will be happy to help out.

Click here to see a few examples: